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Reserve Repack at Skydive Langar


Please contact us to check availability before purchasing

As an British Skydiving Advance Packer we offer Reserve repacks at Skydive Langar.

During a repack we will:

1. Inspection of the Container and Harness (any work required will be notified to you as soon as
possible). This will include a full inspection of all your metalwork, grommets and binding, reserve
risers, toggles and tack where appropriate. We will also check your BOC Pocket for effectiveness.
2. Inspection of your Reserve Deployment system, Freebag, Freebag bungee, Velcro, Bridle and the
effectiveness of the Spring.
3. Full Inspection of your reserve. This will include hanging up your reserve to inspect the canopy,
inside and out, top and bottom skins, cell walls. Lines and Line attachment points. Slinks or links are
correctly installed and the line sequence is correct.
4. Checking of your AAD including Installation, serviceability and any checks required by the
5. Checking and lubrication of your cutaway cables and checking of your reserve deployment handle
and cables.
6. Repack of your reserve canopy and closing of your reserve container. And change the Reserve
Closing Loop (Every Time)
7. Compatibility of parachutes and containers where there are any concerns.
8. All of the above completed as per British Skydiving regulations and Record of Inspection form 112.
9. We will Hang up and inspect your Main canopy, inside, outside, top skin, bottom skin and cell walls.
Lines and attachment points, slinks or links are correctly installed and the line sequence is correct.
10. We will check your main deployment system, Pilot Chute, Bridle, Kill Line.
11. We will check your Main risers and flex the rings.
12. We will check your D bag and replace all the Bungees (unless you specifically ask us not to change
your specific type of line stowage)
13. Providing all is good we will repack your main canopy. And replace your Main Closing Loop.
14. Any other work that you have requested or have expressed concerns about.
15. Complete your paperwork and log onto Burble on your behalf.


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