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Cutaway Mount Installation

In general our cutaway mounts fit similar on all helmets. Some variations apply to removing padding or tube routing however if you have any questions please send us a message and we can help

  • 1. Position the base on the helmet and mark the hole locations for the 2 screws. In general I position this so it touches the visor with the visor just short of fully open
  • 2. Pull the helmet lining away to access the top of the helmet. On the G4 and TFX this can be done from the forehead area. The G4 has a removeable piece of the hard foam inside the helmet where you will be drilling
  • 3. Drill the 2 holes you marked with either a 4.5mm or 5mm drill bit
  • 4. Screw the drill template to the helmet with the 2 threaded inserts pointing towards each other. On the TFX you will need a knife to cut away a small area of foam around the screw holes to fit the nuts and nut holders
  • 5. Using the hole in the template and a 6mm bit drill the hole for the cutaway cable tube. Note it is at an angle . A deburring tool can be useful to clean the edges of the holes
  • 6. Remove the drill template and insert the tube into the helmet through the hole. Align the mount with the holes and insert screws
  • 7. tighten screws into the 2 threaded insert parts
  • 8. Route the tube to the left jaw. A piece of tape may help holding it. Some adjustment of the routing may be required depending on the shape of your head and where it is tight.
  • 9. Test the cable. As it has to turn a corner in the mount it may be tight at this point. Hold the tube against the helmet as you push the cable in
  • 10. Insert camera insert into the mount and push cable in. A piece of Velcro style tape may be used to hold the handle in place

The gallery below shows fitting to a G4 helmet. All helmets are similar but contact us if you have any questions