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Why 3D Printing?

Skydiving isn’t the largest market so standard mass production techniques aren’t best suited.

3D printing allows us to create high quality parts designed to perfectly match to your helmet and camera. We only use high performance 3D printers custom built in house which have been tuned to give high quality strong parts. We built the printers with the materials used in mind as they require a controlled environment and careful tuning beyond most hobbyist machines. We also use high quality materials from recognised manufacturers to provide consistent quality.

Do you offer fitting?

Yes! We can offer fitting of your new camera mount. You will need to arrange to get the helmet to us. We will contact you if we need any additional details and to let you know when your mount is ready to be fitted and if you require it to be delivered back to you any additional delivery charge which may vary.

Will I use the Impact Rating of My Helmet?

Unfortunately adding anything a certified helmet will void its certification even if it is a sticky mount. The certification was performed as is out of the factory and any thing stuck or screwed to the helmet could cause a pressure point that would fail the impact tests. Skydiving is a dangerous activity and anyone wearing any camera should be aware of the increased risks

Can you make a . . . . . .

Got something you want made, Be it a custom mount for your camera from the 90s or an altimeter you broke the mount for. Send us an email or use our contact page with a brief description and we’ll be in touch. Once we have all the details we need we will provide a quote and a timescale.

How long will my order take>

As many of our parts are custom made orders may take up to 2 weeks. If you require it urgently send us an email and we will check if we have parts in stock. Alternatively check our dealers for popular mounts kept in stock for immediate dispatch.

Can I collect my order?

We regularly jump at Skydive Langar so can offer collection there. Please email to check availability

Do you offer spare parts?

Lost a part of your mount or need a spare? Many parts are shown on our store. If you can’t find what you need send us an email and we can sort it out

Do you have other colours?

If the colour you want is not shown in our store contact us and we will do our best to match the colour you want. By prioritising material quality some colours may be limited.

What materials do you use?

We use different materials for their mechanical properties. For altimeter and some camera mounts we use TPU, A flexible rubber-like material commonly used for phone cases for its flexibility and impact resistance. For hard cases we use ASA. A hard, impact resistant material that is also UV and temperature resistant so it won’t deform if left in a hot car like other 3d printed materials. We will not use material such as PLA which whilst advertised as eco friendly and compostable are actually using precious resources and are shown not to compost unless in specialised machinery unavailable to consumers and even then. Whilst strong PLA under performs in impact tests which could mean your mount shattering

Can I get my name/logo on my mount?

This is one of many options we can offer for custom designs. Let us know what you want and we will give you a quote. Simple things like names are relatively simple however detail may be lost if the font is too detailed or small. For logos unless supplied in .dxf file format an additional digitisation fee may apply

Do you ship to . . .

We can ship to pretty much any where in the world. If your country is not shown contact us and we’ll check prices and add it to our store so you are able to order

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